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Dedicated server is called a dedicated server.
So you can pick it and continue where you left off if the main player with the save isn't on. What an idiot.
Are you talking about paying for servers that keep the game actually running? A thirty dollar game, that costs $50/m to keep on a server vs just running the game. If that is your plan then I'm pretty sure I'm not the idiot in the picture.
Back to a dedicated by the month server running the game. You and the party would be dead, and your gear in cute little dead teen backpacks. Well, they would all die of thirst or starvation. Nobody lasts a day without eating and drinking.
I play in co-op, but I have my own game running on my system. Works pretty well. I'm not bored and when their busy lives give a weekend afternoon we all play. You know. Like co-op.
If you are actually serious, find a way to share the host's save file. Should be workable, серверы под эмуляторы Nox somehow. That wouldn't take a dedicated server, would not suck money every month, and you could share the solution here and серверы под эмуляторы Nox many will appreciate your genius.
I'd even give your a commendation. Not the really expensive one, come on. You called me an idiot because you don't like how the game was designed. Total Necro, but Dedicated servers are a "must have" feature on Survival games. Doesn't mater if it's 2-4p, or 20p. It's not an option for me.
So, a number of players host our OWN servers, either local, or on a dedicated host machine using SteamCMD on LAN. Then you open ports needed to play with friends. Other than power and internet, we don't "pay per month," not that most hardcore gamers would take issue with this, either, if that's your choice.
For ARK, Conan, Rust, Valheim, 7 Days, Emperyon, Eco, PortalKnights, Zomboid, Starbound, Terraria, etc, I've used a dedicated server separate from my game box for 4p or less. Dedicated server software in SteamCSM is the gold standard method for Survival hosting.

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