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Fliegerspiel für Geldspielverdiensysteme - http://aviator.wiki/. How to earn from $30 per day playing Aviator!
Read to the end if you need money as soon as possible and you are looking for a real way to earn money, not a fake one!
What is an Aviator game?
This is a game in which you need to catch the right coefficient with the help of a "flying airplane" that multiplies your money. The bottom line is to get as high a multiplier of your bet as possible and take the profit. Everything looks very simple, read on for detailed instructions so as not to lose sight of anything!
1. The game is played on the licensed PokerDom platform.
The game, as a rule, is in the TOP of the platform, so you can easily find it! For clarity, I marked it with arrows.
!If you are not yet registered on the platform, you need to register. Working mirror for registration - !
2. After entering the game, we have a flying airplane. Your task is to place a bet by pressing the green "BET" button and the game with your participation will start from the next round. The wait will be 10-15 seconds.
Check out a detailed description of the entire game interface.
3. As soon as your game has started and the coefficient has started to grow, you need to press the "CASH" button in time. Before the plane takes off! The button always says how much money you will take now if you click on it.
Screenshot of how to complete the game and collect the profit.
Bottom line: As you can see on the screen above, I managed to catch a coefficient of 29.31. That is, from a rate of 500 rubles, I earned 14,155 rubles, net profit, and Fliegerspiel für Geldspielverdiensysteme from the second rate of 2,000 rubles, I earned 56,620 rubles. This is a very powerful kf and you need to catch it!
P.S: don't forget to watch this video after reading the whole guide - https://youtu.be/ZbfvpsQZROM.
And now let's talk about my game algorithm, which allows you to earn very good money.
Read the algorithm below!
I have developed 2 methods of playing - this is FAST and SLOW.
Quick: Enter the game with small amounts and close all bets at 1.1-1.5x. If we analyze all the games, these odds are the most frequent. Thus, you can safely earn $30-50 a day and not soar your brain with nerves! :) Slow: First - I found a pattern in the game. Either odds are below 2 in a row, or consistently higher. It is necessary to wait for the moment when the odds went above 2 and play as follows.
You get on such a series and cut the dough.
We place 2 bets. The first for a comfortable amount, the second 4 times more. For example - 50 rubles and 200 rubles. First, we close the bet that is large (the second - 200 rubles), at a coefficient of 1.30 - 1.75. Thus, we recoup the costs of the first and second rates. And the bet that is less (the first - 50 rubles), we close at a coefficient of 5x - 10x and higher. Voila! Profit guaranteed!
For more than two months I have been playing exclusively according to the slow scheme, since it is more tangible in terms of money, and it has more logic and mathematical component, which makes it possible to earn really good money!
Slow game example:
1. I open 2 deals. In my case, I work on amounts of 500 and 2000 rubles. Your same amount of transactions should be, which you "pull". Rates can be 50 and 200, 100 and 400, etc. It all depends on you. Well, I made two bets. I cashed out the first one (bet 2000 rubles) at a coefficient of 1.74 (on the screen 2.12x - do not pay attention, since the screen was made late after the bet was closed). By closing this bet "early" at a low odds, I secured a return on all the money I invested and even took a bit of profit as a plus.
Cashing out the first bet.
2. But on the second bet (500 rubles), I endured it as best I could and that's what happened, 1xbet I closed it at odds 47.21 (on the screen 45.51x, since the screen was made earlier, before closing the bet, in order to have time to take a screenshot for you:)). As we see on the screen below, you can draw a very good odds and earn as much as possible from a bet of 500 rubles, if you don’t play naughty hands ahead of time!
Cashing out the second bet.
I hope that with this scheme I helped you figure out how to make money for yourself and your loved ones in our difficult 2020. Use the information correctly and to the maximum, while there is such an opportunity!
Also, do not forget that I have a general chat of guys who earn on the Aviator game for money and I will be pleased if you join it and share your results with like-minded people + to everything, I opened a channel where I post all the bugs of this game , new algorithms, when I define and simply show how to play correctly so that the Aviator game for money brings money. And this is in addition to pleasant jokes that will never be superfluous! :)

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