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2 years agoLightning fast dedicated server hosting – Cheapest Bare Metal server.
Rent your own dedicated server with bare metal to get maximum performance at the cheapest price with modern hardware, 10 Gbit/s network card , SSD hard drives for fast storage and highest performance! Your own hardware, non-plus ultra in dedicated server hosting for maximum performance!
VPS hosting.
Shared resources in the cloud on LXC basis. VPS servers offer you the perfect platform for smaller hobby projects. Extremely cheap but with up to 2 Gbit/s network and CEPH Storage Cluster for performance and reliability.
Rootserver hosting.
Cheap but more performance than a VPS? The ZAP root servers offer dedicated performance at very reasonable prices. Rootserver hosting with best price/performance ratio up to 2gbps network speed.
Dedicated Server hosting.
The ultimate in performance? Rent a dedicated server now. Your own physical server with ILO management interface, HP Enterprise Server Hardware , Raid Controller and fast SSDs . 10 Gbit/s network card included.
Dedicated server options.
At ZAP-Hosting.com you can rent dedicated servers in different configurations. If you want to host a dedicated server , you get the complete hardware, bare metal. Not a virtual server running on a host system together with other virtualized servers or noisy neighbours. The pre-configured dedicated servers include fast Intel Xeon E5v2 server CPUs , up to 256 GB of RAM , up to 2x2TB SSD hard drives and are connected to the data center with a 10 Gbit/s SFP+ network card . Unlike virtual servers, the complete system is rented in the selected configuration.
Rather something cheaper?
Our VPS and root servers directly from the cloud:
VPS hosting.
Shared resources from the cloud on LXC basis. VPS offer you the perfect platform for smaller hobby projects. Extremely cheap but with up to 2 Gbit/s network and CEPH Storage Cluster for performance and reliability.
Root server hosting.
Your server, your performance. KVM root servers are the perfect solution for projects that need more power. Best of all, серверы под эмуляторы Nox you can even run Windows on your server.
You get a standalone bare metal host server with full administration access. The HP ILO administration interface gives you access to the server monitor of the server screen and you can easily upload and install any operating system ISOs . With Debian and Ubuntu installations, you can use the ZAP-Hosting.com Gameserver/Teamspeak web interface to install gameservers or Teamspeak on your dedicated server in just a few steps. Dedicated servers from ZAP-Hosting get full access to the DDoS Manager and rDNS & IP management. The automatic fault management informs technicians fully automatically in case of a hardware defect and initiates communication with you. You also get access to meaningful statistics such as traffic, CPU temperature and even fan speed.
Server locations.
For optimal connectivity, we offer multiple locations so your project has the speed you need.
We offer an own server infrastructure with our own network and dedicated hardware at our main location Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The company "ZAP-Hosting" was built on this location in 2010.
As a "branch" of our data center in Frankfurt, the Tier III data center "SkyLink" in Eygelshoven (near Aachen, серверы под эмуляторы Nox directly on the Dutch border) was introduced in March 2020. All traffic is routed via Frankfurt, so that our customers benefit from an optimal connection and DDoS Protection.
DDoS Protection Since December 2019, we have been using the Combahton DDoS Protection with Corebackbone pre-filtering in Frankfurt and Eygelshoven.
Hardware: Especially HP C7000 G3 ProLiant blade systems with 16x HP G8/G9 blades with 2x E5-2690v2/v4 CPUs each are used. Each with DDR3 and DDR4 ECC memory with up to 3000 MHz speed. We rely on and Juniper switches. Our coreswitch has 48x 10G SFP+ ports, over which the entire uplink of our infrastructure is obtained. Through this switch we provide all other switches with uplinks.
IP networks As an official RIPE member we offer our own IP addresses at this location.

If you have any inquiries with regards to the place and how to use серверы под эмуляторы Nox, you can get hold of us at the site.

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