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How to be Profitable With an Affiliate Program

Finding the right binary options affiliate program to sign up with can be a tough job as there are almost as many of these programs as there are brokers in the industry. To help you streamline your search in the right direction, we have compiled a top list of profitable and reputable programs that you can partner with.

The most profitable affiliate program will be the one that can offer a trading product that clients love and keep coming back to, while also offering affiliates great terms and conditions and reliable payouts. Retention matters much more to affiliates working with rev share. Checking our forum can lead you towards the more popular brands.

How Affiliates Make Money

When you send a visitor to a broker’s site and that visitor signs up, that’s called a “lead”. Typically you don’t get paid for a lead unless you negotiate a special deal with the broker. If that new client then goes on to deposit real money with the broker you get paid according to the “commission structure” – either CPA or Revenue Share, or a so called “hybrid deal” that will be a combination of these.

CPA – the CPA structure is a fixed sum of money paid once for every depositing client, normally in the $200 to $600 range depending on your specific deal with the broker. After you receive this payment for a client, you never again make any money on that client.

Revenue Share – the “revshare” structure, as it’s often called, is less common in the binary industry. Normally you make a percentage of the profit the broker makes on your client, for life (i.e., the lifetime of the client being an active trader). In short the broker splits its profits with you for all clients you’ve sent. You get an agreed percentage of the profits, typically 20-50% depending on how many new clients you send per month.

Which Commission Structure is Best?

That depends on your visitors and patience. CPA is great if you don’t send very profitable clients and you want to be paid as soon as possible for you efforts. A caveat is that the client has to make at least a specific minimum deposit to trigger a CPA for you, and that minimum amount can vary between affiliate programs (and also be negotiable!). If the “CPA baseline” is $15, but most of your clients only deposit $10, you will not earn a CPA.

Revshare has the potential to be more profitable than CPA, if you send clients that deposit and trade a lot. But with revshare it can take much longer to make as much money as with CPA, and typically very few traders are “high net worth” individuals willing to spend a lot on binary trading. Many affiliates start out with CPA for fast gains, to later have a look at revshare if they intend to be in the field long-term.

Many programs will push affiliates towards CPA. Generally because it is better for them. Rev share ensures a fair share of the profits generated from that lead. CPA for binary options affiliates can reach $450-$500 per trader though – so if you are unsure about the value of your traffic, CPA is a lucrative option.


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Follow these rules to participate in the contest:

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This contest is for our most performing partners willing to increase their motivation as well as gain substantial bonus rewards. First day of every month we reward the Top-5 performing affiliates from the $100 000 prize pool.

The higher your overall FTDs amount value per month is — the bigger chance you have of reaching the Top-5 winning positions.

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