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20 Most Expensive NFTs Sales In 2023 That You Must Know!
Do you wish to know details about some of the most expensive NFTs sold so far?image Do you wish to know what the most expensive NFT Art Collections are? Since the craze continues in 2023, you could also wonder what the most expensive NFT 2023 is.
In the following sections, we wish to inform you of the top 20 most expensive NFTs sold so far, including the most expensive NFT sold on OpenSea. We will tell you about those NFTs, including the specific features that made them priceless in the market. So if you wish to know about the top 20 most expensive NFTs sold as of January 2023, keep reading till the end.
The Top 20 Most Expensive NFTs Sales In 2023: Overview.
Amongst the most expensive NFTs sold, various kinds of assets like the Canadian rapper Weeknd’s unreleased albums sold as NFT tokens for US$ 490,000 each, interest NFT projects snowballing into a massive US$ 2 million. However, it is not the most expensive NFT art. Till 18th May 2022, the most expensive NFT art is Pak’s ‘The Merge’ which has created history by being bought by nearly 28,983 collectors. According to DemandSage, NFT Market will reach $80 Billion in worth by 2025. By this, it is clear that NFTs are becoming good daily.
Scroll down to know about the top 20 NFTs sold so far as of January 2023, and you will get an idea of the immense value that NFTs can command.
20 Most Expensive NFTs Sold Till Date In 2023.
The following curated list contains the 20 most expensive NFTs sold and some of the most expensive NFTs in 2023. Although we will take a look at the most expensive NFTs sold on OpenSea, it could well be a collection or a solo art piece.
For example, the most expensive NFT Bored Ape or the most expensive NFT Crypto Punk definitely feature in the top 20 list. Without further ado, let’s check the top 20 most expensive NFTs.
1) The Merge – PAK’s NFT Artwork – Currently The Most Expensive NFT Which Is Sold For $91.8 Million.
The Merge NFT- Image Source Nifty Gateway.
Currently, The Merge – PAK’s NFT Artwork is the topmost expensive NFT so far in 2023. Murat Pak is one of the most famous digital artists and a huge name in the NFT space and he created pieces of ‘masses’ that people could buy, cryptocurrency instead of creating a discreet static piece. This collection of masses became the ‘Merge’ and the total value of the Merge NFT sales has been coming around US$91.8 million. If anyone asks ‘what is the most expensive NFT art’? , then the Merge outsells its nearest competitors by a mile!
2) The First 5000 Days: Second Most Expensive NFT Which Sold For US$ 69 Million.
Image Source: Nytimes.com.
This massive collection of artworks by Beeple was sold for US$ 69 million by auction house Christie’s in their first-ever auction. It contains artworks titled ‘Everydays’ – since Beeple never missed a single day of creating artworks since 2007. This also makes Beeple the second most expensive NFT on our list.
3) PAK’s Clock NFT: Sold For US$ 52.74 Million.
Pak, Clock. Source: censored.art.
Developed by Pak and Julian Assange and dropped in February 2022, this PAK’s Clock NFT currently ranks in third place for the highest valued NFT sales for 2023. It is a simple counter which shows the number of days that WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange has been imprisoned and this NFT is priced at US$ 52.74 million to arrange for this controversial character’s legal fees. It has been supported by millions of crypto advocates.
4) Beeple "Human One NFT" Sold For US$ 28.9 million.
Image Courtesy Of The Artist And Christie’s.
Beeple is known for making outstanding NFT creations and Human One, with a present price of US$ 28.9 million Beeple "Human One NFT is one among the most expensive NFT sales in 2023.
This is one of their most unique creations by Beeple with hybrid elements containing a human-sized structure made of components such as mahogany, polished aluminum, and a display through four video screens creating a total of 16k resolution!.
The high-resolution screen keeps on displaying human and humanoid avatars for years to come and that is nearly the USP of this NFT.
5) CryptoPunk NFT #7523 Sold For US$ 11.7 Million.
Image source: crypto punks.app.
DraftKings’ shareholder Shalom Meckenzie bought the CryptoPunk #7523 at US$ 11.7 million which is basically one of those 9 alien Punks with a red beanie, a gold earring, a facemask, and a rare alien skin.
6) CryptoPunk NFT #3100 Sold For US$7.58 Million.
Image source: crypto punks.app.
This CryptoPunk also falls in one of the rarest punk categories while created by Larva Labs. It is an alien, with one blue and white headband worn around its forehead.
The CryptoPunk NFT #3100 made its place in the top 20 most expensive NFTs with its price being US$7.58 million at the time of writing this article, although the same NFT started its journey at US$76 once!
7) CryptoPunk NFT #7804 Sold For US$ 7.57 Million.
Image source: crypto punks.app.
The CryptoPunk 7804 is one of the most expensive NFTs sold because it contains a combination of the rarest attributes created by Larva Labs. Being one of the 9 alien CryptoPunks, it contains a front-facing cap, a pair of smoky shades, and a pipe with smoke emanating from it. The price of this CryptoPunk is around US$ 7.57 million as of the date when this article is being written.
8) ‘Right Click Save As Guy’ NFT – Sold For US$ 7.1 Million.
The ‘Right click save as’ is one of the popular jokes amongst the population that is not into NFTs. Their reason is that digital art can be copied and sent across without virtually any cost. So why are NFTs commanding so much value? Although it is true that the receipts associated with the art cannot be replicated, the art itself can be.
However, Snoop Dogg, one of the most popular figures who has taken a liking to everything in the Metaverse, crypto, web3, and NFT space, bought this particular NFT at US$ 7.1 million, and this NFT is landed on your most expensive list.
9) Ringers #879 NFT by Dimitri Cherniak : Sold For $5.8M Sale.
Image Source: Opensea.
It is a collection of randomly generated digital artworks by Dimitri Cherniak. The entire collection has been highly-priced, with each NFT bringing in hundreds and thousands of dollars. However, Ringers #879 landed on our most expensive NFT 2023 with a selling price of 5.8 million dollars. This NFT piece contained the same Art Blocks platform which helps artists algorithmically generate art instead of creating art themselves. The uniqueness of the piece has commanded such a price.
10) Beeple’s Ocean Front NFT: Sold For US$ 6 Million.
Ocean Front from Beeple became one of the top 20 most expensive NFTs with its immaculate design which displays an ocean with a wooden structure over it. The wooden structure contains homes, RVs, containers, etc. At the top of this gorgeous piece of art lies a huge tree with mushrooms on it.
The entire scenic splendor caused the NFT to be sold for US$ 6 million flat at an auction. Although Beeple is one of the iconic NFT studios, this isn’t their most expensive NFT 2023.
11) CryptoPunk NFT #5217 – Sold For US$ 5.45 Million.
Image source: cryptopunks.app.
CryptoPunk NFT #5217 is one of the rarest CryptoPunks as it has multiple attributes of various CryptoPunk variants. For example one of the 419 knitted caps, one of the 169 gold chains around its neck, and most importantly it is one of the 24 apes that are there in the series!
That is why initially it was sold in 2018 at around US$ 1800, but later, in July 2021, it became one of the most expensive NFTs sold at around US$ 5.45 million.
12) Edward Snowden’s Stay Free NFT: Sold For US$ 5.4 Million.
The name of Edward Snowden is etched in the pages of history with his release of classified information from the NSA in 2013.image

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