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Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for the financial services market. It can be defined as a method of promoting a business and its services, when an affiliate is rewarded for attracting a new lead or sale to a company’s site, landing page or app.
Create an affiliate program or network You choose the affiliates who can participate in your affiliate network, and you set the terms. For example, your network can be public (open for everyone) or private, where participation is possible only by invitation links.
You pay your affiliates only if they meet your offer conditions and if they bring high-quality traffic. Meanwhile, you can personally control each transaction, detect fraud and bot traffic.
Create as many offers and rates as you need to reach your goals. Each of them can be unique. You simply define the terms and conditions for the affiliates & set your advertising budget.
If you have several brands where each should have a separate advertising network and a different set of affiliates - you can create as many networks as you need. They will all be available under one account 24/7.
With a built-in tracker and first-class marketing tools, you can create, manage, and optimize advertising campaigns in real time, as well as receive detailed reports in seconds.
HOQU partners with various 3d party services, including anti-fraud tools which allow you to automatically monitor fraud and low-quality traffic.
And the most important thing is, you do not have to develop and maintain your own expensive software for affiliate marketing.
Take advantage of a ready-made solution from HOQU, based on the SaaS model, and gain exposure for your business by attracting new affiliates.

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