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Not Just Great Support We Are Your Infrastructure Partner.
FocusED on Cloud Services for Businesses of All Sizes.
Start where you are now and grow without friction. Experienced M5 Hosting engineers will set up any cloud environment you need and are always there to support your business.
Cloud Hosting.
Dedicated Servers.
Managed Hosting.
Operating systems for dedicated servers.
Get a dedicated server with an operating system that suits your business best. We build the infrastructure you need rather than selling pre-defined packages you don’t.
centos dedicated servers.
debian dedicated servers.
fedora dedicated servers.
freebsd dedicated servers.
openbsd dedicated servers.
opensuse dedicated servers.
redhat enterprise servers.
scientific linux servers.
ubuntu dedicated servers.
windows dedicated servers.
Other distributions.
Operating systems for cloud.
Select an operating system to power your M5 Cloud, and we’ll suggest the best combination of price, performance, and flexibility for your instances. Upgrade or downgrade at any time.
centos dedicated servers.
debian dedicated servers.
ubuntu dedicated servers.
freebsd dedicated servers.
windows dedicated servers.
what people are saying about us.
Our company Bhasinsoft has been working with M5 for many years now. We run 3 dedicated servers currently and have used VMs also in the past. M5's a great choice for anyone looking at reliability and great service support apart from the infrastructure. The support is really quick to respond and helpful. There have been a couple hardware issues but the team gave complete support for any issue that arose, which I would expect from a serious service provider. I recommend M5 and if you are looking at trying out a new service partner, don't hesitate to try them.
Ankur Bhasin , Bhasinsoft India Ltd.
Rex Consulting, Inc., my business, has had bare metal servers hosted at M5Hosting for over 10 years and cloud services hosted there for about 5 years. The reliability is unparalleled. Even the big guys cannot sustain the long-term reliability of M5Hosting. More than just reliable, the support from M5 Hosting is top-notch, many many times better than average or what you'll get from a larger provider.
It's not only that they do what they do well, you cal tell they really care to do well. And that makes a huge difference.
Chris P. , Rex Consulting.
We had issues with one of the sites on our server getting a denial of service attack and one with out of control processes - both happening at the same time! M5 was available to us 24/7, and helped us get our server under control. They were always patient and calm which was extremely helpful as I was under a lot of pressure and issues seemed to peak at weird off hours. This scenario took a few weeks to resolve, but finally did get taken care of. I can`t recommend them highly enough - they have the best customer service anywhere around!
Kristine Bonner.
Our company has used M5 Hosting for over 6 years. The systems we host there are critical to our business. I feel like we could not be in better hands. The downtime has been nearly zero during that time and communication and response to issues is top notch. For redundancy, we have systems hosted with other companies as well. M5 Hosting is by far the best of the bunch.
Neil Schemenauer, Delta-X Research.
I have been a customer of M5 Hosting for over 10 years. Our company specializes in web and mobile application development and серверы под эмуляторы Nox our clients rely on a consistent internet presence. M5 has provided a rock solid and secure presence for our clients. Customer service by M5 is top notch. i would recommend this company to any solutions provider that require co-location or hosting service.
Paul Tonning, DotClient Solutions.
Extremely highly-qualified staff. Extremely well-peered network. Extremely high, unparalleled uptime. Nothing I have ever asked them has ever remained unanswered. Access to their expertise almost alone is worth hosting physical machines with them.
Very reasonable people.
I cling to my long-term relationship with these guys like the reassuring lifeboat it is.
Marc Tooley, Geep Technologies.
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m5 hosting data center locations.
San Diego Tech Center.
Lightwave Avenue Data Center.
Munich Germany Data Center.
Dedicated Servers.
about m5 hosting.
Brian Furry.
Systems Administrator / Cloud Engineer With M5 Since: 2010.
Then: Before joining M5 I had 11 years of experience in customer service and front-line critical infrastructure monitoring with various Internet Service Providers and Data Centers in San Diego. Now: Building, testing, and above all, doing whatever I can to help our customers! Favorite thing about M5: We’re a collection of geeks dedicated to doing things right, for our customers and ourselves. Fun fact about me: I’ve been active on the EFnet IRC network for over 20 years. Outside of work you’ll find me: In front of my computer! Gaming, on IRC, on reddit, or practicing some form of random geekery.
Chris Moody.
Sr. Linux/Systems/Cloud Engineer With M5 Since: November 2015.
Then: Prior to M5, I served as a Sr. Network, Systems, and Automation Engineer for several Fortune 500 companies (Intuit, Booz Allen Hamilton, & Qualcomm). Now: Architecting new processes at M5 for infrastructure integrity and integrating applications and systems to grow M5 into a fully dynamic, reflexive, agile, and interlinked enterprise. Favorite thing about M5: The collaboration and teamwork is a huge bonus with everybody willing to lend a hand. My other favorite thing is the lack of unnecessary artificial political barriers. Fun fact about me: My first car was a 1950 Chevy that I used to run at Bandimere National Speedway back in high school. Outside of work you’ll find me: Guitar-slingin’ in local bands around SoCal. I’ve been addicted to the sound of 6 electrified strings since I first heard ZZ Top when I was 7 years old.
Jimmy Richardson.
Director of Operations With M5 Since: 2016.
Then: Graduated Rollings College, Winter Park FL. An information systems professional with 26 years in-depth experience in all aspects of enterprise IT operations. Jimmy comes to M5 after 20 years at SAIC and with a wide range of experience including: technical support, software development, 7/24 IT operations management and business development. Now: I am high energy with serious attention to detail and a vision of how M5 will service our current and future clients. Favorite thing about M5: What I really appreciate about M5 is the team’s dedication to providing the best customer support in the industry. Fun fact about me: I am a mechanically minded person who enjoys getting dirty and trying my hand at new things. Outside of work you’ll find me: Racing sailboats of all sizes, gardening or restoring cars.
Corporate Greeter With M5 Since: 2006.
Then: An orphan puppy in Mexico. Now: I greet the staff and visitors, control the mood and pursue crunchy things. Favorite thing about M5: I am the queen of the castle. Fun fact about me: Because I was a rescued dog from Mexico, I can also bark in Spanish. Outside of work you’ll find me: Chasing rabbits, squirrels and birds and серверы под эмуляторы napping.
Kevin Norman.
Jr. Support Specialist With M5 Since: 2016.
Then: With 15 years of IT Related Experience Specializing in VOIP and Telecommunications requiring me to travel to 10 countries in recent years. Now: Dedicated Server, Colo and Cloud support for the graveyard shift.

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